About the product


The Culture
Damaging specie
Consumption rateg / 10 l of water
Time of treatment
Colorado potato beetle
Spraying during the growing season. Consumption rate of working liquid - 5 l /100 m2
Potato cow 


     All gardeners in Russia know a unique Japanese product - Bankol effectively protecting potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle for more than 15 years. In the successful promotion of the product it is worth noticing the convenience of use, consisting of a practical and optimal concentration of active ingredient. The advantages of  Bankol were used in production of a new highly effective product - MOSPILAN.

MOSPILAN is an original product of "AristaLifeScience SAS", representative of a new class of insecticides with a prolonged period of protection, created in Japan. The exclusive right to promote it in the segment for private farms in Russia is owned by "Dacha Group". The active substance of the drug is Acetamiprid that was discovered and is being manufactured by Nippon Soda Co.., LTD., Japan. MOSPILAN is being made in the form of a soluble powder containing the active ingredient 20 g / kg.

The effect of  MOSPILAN on pests is unique and different from the currently used pesticides : Acetamiprid is a competitor of acetylcholine in the nervous system of insects, causing a breach of transmission of nerve impulses and the insect dies from severe nervous overstimulation. 


    MOSPILAN has a systemic and contact action, it can spread through the plant. That's why after processing Colorado beetles and larvae are killed both on the unprocessed areas and young growing leaves. MOSPILAN kills the beetle at normal and elevated temperatures (higher than +30 C) only 1 hour after the treatment will not be washed off by the rain.

MOSPILAN remains up to 3 weeks, saving time and energy to workers. The efficacy 3 days after the treatment is at least 99%, high starting effect has been observed within 2-3 hours. Application of Mospilan can increase potato yield by 30-40% compared to control plots. In addition, it does not hurt plants, has low toxicity to humans, is not harmful to pollinating insects (bees, bumblebees, etc.), fish, birds if adhering recommendations for use, does not accumulate in potato tubers, even at the highest application rates.

In a closed package MOSPILAN does not get compressed and does not lose its features even at low temperatures. MOSPILAN 2% is permitted for use in Russian Federation on potatoes against the Colorado potato beetle in private farms at a rate of 5 - 8 g/10 liters of water at a rate of working fluid up to 5.0 liters per 100 m2. 


The advantages:

- The ability to spread through the plant, as the result the Colorado beetles and larvae are killed also on the untreated areas and growing leaves;

- Kills the beetle at normal and elevated (above +30) temperatures already in 1 hour after the treatment

- Is not washed off by the rain;

- Does not damage the plants;

- Low toxicity to humans, bees, fish and birds. Does not accumulate in potato tubers, even at the maximum application rates;

- In a sealed bag does not cake and not lose its features even at low temperatures.